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The Eco|Angeleno has just heard word that  the City of LA is in the process of drafting an ordiance establishing a city-wide “Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy.”

According to a reportand draft ordinance delivered to the RENEW LA Ad Hoc Committee:

“The new EPP (Environmentall Preferable Purchasing Policy) would promote the use of environmentally preferable products in the acquisition of goods and services by establishing factors to consider, such as the pollutants associated with the product, the waste generated, recycled content, energy consumption, depletion of natural resourcesand potential impact on human health and the environment.” 

In the draft ordinance itself, it explains that the key factors that will be considered in selecting products include pollutant releases, waste generation, recycled content, energy consumption, depletion of natural resources and potential impact on human health and the environment.” The ordinance also seems to push the city to take an even more proactive approach towards CREATING MARKETS by mandating the City to “seek opportunities to enhance markets for environmentally preferable products through employee education; encourage pilot testing of potential new products; adopt innovative product standards, specifications and contracts; and embark on cooperative ventures with other jurisdictions.”

This is good news for Green product manufacturers, a great step in the right direction for the city. Now, we’ll just have to trust our new controller Wendy Greuel to make sure we don’t bust our budget on this.

To see a more extensive list of criteria considered under the program, you can view the draft ordinance here: LINK


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The LA Times had a very pertinent article in the Sunday business section, giving some tips and advice on how to navigate green/clean tech investing. Here is the Article: LINK. Let me give my 2 cents on this topic. BE CAREFUL, and BE SMART. Here is the thing, just because it is a clean tech company, doesn’t mean it’s (1) going to be successful, or (2) actually going to last very long. I’ve seen so many clean tech start-ups go public and then go nowhere. Many of these new clean-tech companies are highly speculative, and they often times have poor leadership and basically no business strategy. I invested in a couple green-tech companies/funds years ago, thinking I was ahead of the curve… today, those funds are basically at the same price I paid for them. What did I learn from this? Basically, the SAME RULES APPLY. Clean-Tech will not be like the dot.com boom where you couldn’t miss, this will be much more cut throat, and much more bottom line oriented. Do your research, get advice, and know the product/services you are investing in. The minute you let your gaurd down for a too good to be true technology, is when you’ll get taken.  Happy Trading (& Good Luck)!


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Check out the 2008 Environmental Youth Conference! A conference for the youth by the youth, the 2008 Environmental Youth Conference will be held this Saturday, December 13 from 8am-3pm at the Los Angeles Convention Center-South Hall. Learn about how you can do your part to slow climate change and interact with celebrity environmentalists as conference panelists discuss projects related to urban forestry, water, and eco-consumption. This fun, educational event is FREE for all attendees ages 12-21!

Click on the following link for more information & to print your event flyer for FREE parking in the South Hall Garage.


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The largest solar installation in SoCal history, some 600,000 solar panels atop a distribution center in Fontana, is complete as of yesterday~ Just 1 of 150 solar projects planned for factory and warehouse roofs in SoCal, this site will produce enough electricity to power 1,300 homes. 

Check it out in more detail!  LINK

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City of Los Angeles

November 24, 2008


Solar LA will deliver 10% of City’s energy needs by 2020 through solar
and jumpstart LA’s green economy

LOS ANGELES – Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City leaders will unveil
Solar LA – the largest solar energy plan in the country at TODAY 11:00
AM, Monday, November 24, 2008 at Solar Integrated Technologies, 1837
E. Martin Luther King Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90058.

Solar LA will deliver 10% of the City’s energy needs through solar
power by 2020 and will jumpstart the green economy in Los Angeles by
creating a local solar industry.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Council President Eric Garcetti
Councilmember Jan Perry
Councilmember Bill Rosendahl
DWP CEO David Nahai

Release of Solar LA – City’s solar energy plan

11:00 AM
Monday, November 24, 2008

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Just got this press release earlier today:  http://gov.ca.gov/press-release/11073

Gov. Schwarzenegger “Signs Executive Order to Raise California’s Renewable Energy Goals to 33 Percent by 2020, Clear Red Tape for Renewable Projects”  The EO’s key objectives are as follows:

1. Raise Renewable Energy Goals: The executive order raised California’s Renewable Energy Goals to %33 by 2020

2. Make Permitting Easier: The California Energy Commission (CEC) and the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding formalizing a Renewable Energy Action Team (REAT). To streamline the application process for renewable energy development, the CEC and DFG will create a “one-stop” permitting process with the goal of reducing the application time for specific projects in half.

3. Be Proactive About Desert Energy Developments: REAT will initiate the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan in the priority Mojave and Colorado Desert regions and identify other preferred areas that will benefit from a streamlined permitting and environmental review process.

I think this is a smart move by the Governor for many reasons: (1) For one, I like that there is a certain amount of proactive thinking about where renewable energy projects will be taking place; basically, we all know the major projects will be in the desert, so lets start thinking now about how to best site them in an ecologically sensitive manner. (2) Second, there are a ton of great renewable energy projects currently stuck in the permitting pipeline, that are at risk of losing their financial backing in this current economic crisis. We can’t let this happen, and we need to get these good projects on a clear path to success quickly to keep that capital, and those projects, locked into CA. (3) We need those green jobs, and we need them quickly, considering out unemployment rate is already pushing %8. Fact is, we need to begin thinking now, about how our local economies will emerge from this recession in the future.  (4) Finally, with AB32 in the air, we’ll have to get projects like these through one way or the other.

So, basically, bravo to the Governor. My only advice would be, get it right, and don’t screw this up 😉

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Be sure to check these vehicles out. It looks like they are working on developing a tesla like sports car, a mini-van, and a JEEP! I almost can’t believe it. LINK They call their electric vehicles program ENVI, pronounced “envy.” Kind of a cheesy name, but may be appropriate, in that if I can’t get one of them it might be the first time I’m envious of a Chrystler owner 😉 The best part of all of this, is that they are working to get one of these vehicles into show rooms by 2010!

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