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The next frontier in green building is discussed in an interesting article in the Los Angeles Times. Green Builders Find that Location Matters

Reminds of this great quote–What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?  ~Henry David Thoreau

I’m guest blogging for Ecoangeleno, I will eventually figure out how to create my own profile. For now, I’m going to play around on this site (thank you Daniel for letting me write here).


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I just got wind of an interesting project being organized by Peter Black of the Environmental Defense Fund. It is called the “Climate Atlas Project,” and it appears to be a project developed to visualize the growth of the green/clean tech sector. The maps are great, be sure to check them out. Here it is described in an email they recently sent out:

“As part of his ongoing Climate Atlas project, Peter Black of Environmental Defense Fund (based in San Francisco) recently completed an interactive map showing installed solar panel (PV) generation by zip-code in California. This map is one in a series of maps he is producing on topics ranging from green jobs / clean tech development to potential climate change impacts in California (and across the US).




If solar PV interests you, or you are drawn to new ways to present geographic based data, please take a moment to visit the site use this interactive map. As you will see however, due to data completeness issues, some zip codes may still have missing data. In addition, at the site, you can find links to several other map’s Peter has already completed for the EDF Climate Atlas – http://blogs.edf.org/climateatlas/

If you are inclined, please write a comment on the blog and tell us what you think.”

Go ahead, check out your Zip! 

(Thanks Colleen for letting me know about this great project!)

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UCLA Extensions is hosting some great Public Policy seminars over the next few months. I’m defenitly going to try and make a one of two of them (note, they aren’t free, but they do have some scholarships for recent graduates). Click here for more information or to register. Here are the seminars: 

Successful CEQA Compliance: A Step-by-Step Approach – Feb 5 & 6:

Speakers:  Ron Bass, AICP, JD, Regulatory Compliance Specialist with ICF Jones & Stokes, a west coast consulting firm specializing in environmental planning and natural resources management.  Margaret Moore Sohagi, JD, President, The Sohagi Law Group, PLC, a Los Angeles-based law firm representing public agencies.

Planning Commissioners Traning – Feb 12:

Speakers: Kevin G. Ennis, Shareholder, Richards, Watson & Gershon, Los Angeles California. Rick Cole, City Manager of Ventura, Ventura California. Robert Garcia, Executive Director, The City Project. Acquanetta Warren, Deputy Public Works Director, Public Works Department, City of Upland

Water Law & Policy – Feb 20:

Speakers: Scott S. Slater, Shareholder, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, Los Angeles, California, author California Water Law and Policy. Russell McGlothlin, Associate, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, Los Angeles, California, co-author of the California Groundwater Management Handbook.

Mello-Roos and Special Financing: 2009 Update on Issues and Practices – Feb 27: 

Speakers: Check web site for speakers

CEQA and Climate Change – Mar 5: 

Speakers: Ron Bass, JD, AICP, Senior Regulatory Specialist, ICF Jones & Stokes, a west coast consulting firm specializing in environmental planning and natural resources management. Margaret Moore Sohagi, JD, President of The Sohagi Law Group, PLC, a Los Angeles-based law firm representing public agencies. 

The Subdivision Map Act: An Introduction and 2009 Update – Mar 6: 

Speakers: M. Thomas Jacobson, AICP, JD, Professor of Environmental Studies and Planning, Director of the Institute for Community Planning Assistance at Sonoma State University. Larry Wiener, JD, Partner, Richards, Watson & Gershon, Los Angeles, specializing in land use law, infrastructure financing, and CEQA.

Designing & Implementing Effective Zoning Ordinances – Mar 26: 

Speakers: Bruce Jacobson Principal, Jacobson & Wack, a consulting firm specializing in comprehensive zoning ordinance preparation.  Ron Pflugrath has over 35 years of varied urban planning experience, including positions with California cities and consulting firms.

Also interesting: A new lecture series being presented by UCLA Extensions and RAND Corp, called “More than a Soundbite: stimuLAte” – This event is on Mar 9, and is much less expensive than the other events (only $35). The topic of the first of the four programs in the series is “Challenges of the Gulf Region” focusing on Iran and Iraq.

Click here for more information or to register.

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Check out the 2008 Environmental Youth Conference! A conference for the youth by the youth, the 2008 Environmental Youth Conference will be held this Saturday, December 13 from 8am-3pm at the Los Angeles Convention Center-South Hall. Learn about how you can do your part to slow climate change and interact with celebrity environmentalists as conference panelists discuss projects related to urban forestry, water, and eco-consumption. This fun, educational event is FREE for all attendees ages 12-21!

Click on the following link for more information & to print your event flyer for FREE parking in the South Hall Garage.


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City of Los Angeles

November 24, 2008


Solar LA will deliver 10% of City’s energy needs by 2020 through solar
and jumpstart LA’s green economy

LOS ANGELES – Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City leaders will unveil
Solar LA – the largest solar energy plan in the country at TODAY 11:00
AM, Monday, November 24, 2008 at Solar Integrated Technologies, 1837
E. Martin Luther King Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90058.

Solar LA will deliver 10% of the City’s energy needs through solar
power by 2020 and will jumpstart the green economy in Los Angeles by
creating a local solar industry.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Council President Eric Garcetti
Councilmember Jan Perry
Councilmember Bill Rosendahl
DWP CEO David Nahai

Release of Solar LA – City’s solar energy plan

11:00 AM
Monday, November 24, 2008

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Very interesting project concept covered yesterday in the LA Times: Hollywood Freeway Central Park. The concept of the project is essentially a one mile long park-covered overpass over the 101 freeway in hollywood. Here is a rendering of the project:

You know, i think it’s an innovative idea and at times I’ve been stuck in traffic and had day dreams of what it might be like if all the freeways were torn out and replaced with bike paths and greenspaces, but I’ll be honest, I would be so pissed if I got stuck in traffic under that overpass for more than 3 minutes. Much like a concept car is to the eventual design of a production model, I think this concept would be a great idea in a slightly scaled back from for two reasons: (1) Commuters will want to kill themselves being stuck in a tunnel for an hour durring rush hour… and (2)  Although it would be nice to have more park space and sports fields around the city, do we really want kids playing sports and running above a major freeway? It seems like that would be a major health hazard.

My vote would be to go with a smaller “pocket park” model, and provide green space for walking, beautification, and maybe even gardening…. With the money you save from not having to build an enormous overpass, I’m sure you could easily afford to purchase space for sports facilities further from the freeway.

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Attention Designers! Design a chair out of wood in an environmentally conscious manner, and you might be able to win… um.  a trip to Santa Monica? Well, maybe this isn’t the best competition for LA based designers. Nonetheless, it would bring some attention to your revolutionary designs. Check out the competition at: http://www.ofsthehotseat.com/hs3/

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