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I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to a new briefing recently completed by Clement Lau, a recent LA Sustainability Collaborative fellow. In his report titled, “Urban Freeway-Cap Park Policy Briefing,” Clement provides an update on the status of the various proposed projects around the region (such as the the Hollywood Freeway Central Park), and provides a detailed review of the various environmental, policy and public health issues associated with these projects. Here is a summary of what is discussed in this briefing:

Briefing Summary
Cap parks, also referred to as highway or deck parks, are parks built over segments of freeways that are below grade. Four major cap park proposals are currently being considered in the Los Angeles region, including the Hollywood Central Park, PARK 101 in downtown, and two smaller cap parks in Santa Monica. This policy briefing paper is intended to help policy makers, environmental advocates, and the general public to better understand cap parks, and the associated environmental and public health issues. Specifically, this paper offers a background onthe shortage of public parks in the Los Angeles region, discusses the pros and cons of cap parks, studies four examples of cap parks built elsewhere, describes current cap park proposals, and addresses the barriers and constraints to implementing cap parks in the Los Angeles region.

Check out the report, it’s a really fantastic review of what’s going on with freeway park-caps and the issues involved with these projects.


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